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Digital Marketing might seem like a new term in marketing, but in the reality, it’s existed for a long time. The popularity of Digital marketing really exploded after the growth of the electronic media and various kinds of devices. We are now living in the digital world where our surroundings are packed with various kinds of digital equipment, products and even our transport systems has become digital. We see digital billboards, big screens, tables, standees and many other marketing platforms in a digital form. Arguably, the biggest digital medium today than all other platform is your smartphone device. The growth of smartphone devices has changed the way we consume content. Backed by high-speed internet speed, smartphones have become a powerful tool to create personalized messages and share at scale.


Digital Marketing is the form of marketing that used by the marketers to run the marketing campaigns on digital platforms. The list of digital platforms are constantly growing. Often we see new technology entering the market, it’s the marketers job to find most cost efficient way to market your product or services on these digital channels and engage audiences. Our previous post talks why the marketing industry is now moved from traditional platforms to new digital ones. Everything that connects electronically is known as digital platforms. The majority of the population spends their everyday life on the digital devices. We see more content is produced for the digital platform compared to the traditional Magazine and Newspaper content.

Digital marketing can give better transparency of results compared to offline practices, however it can still play a part in marketing on the ground activation.

We’ve highlighted some of the most influential digital marketing strategies that from our experience really improve your business.

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Social Media Marketing

3) Video Marketing

4) Content Marketing

5) Pay per click advertisement

6) Email Marketing

7) Programmatic advertising

8) Notifications

There are several other digital marketing techniques available that can assist to drive and gain more customers. The ultimate goal of online marketing is to achieve as many customers or visitors to your business. Creating rich engaging content with video, images, screen grabs, infographics or even polls, require a level of effort to produce, but once coupled with paid campaigns can positively impact in lower bounce rates and higher engagement levels. Both offer powerful methods to generate a good return on your investment.

If we talk about offline marketing, your home television still leads. Now it might not directly connect you with real-time content, but television has been serving digital content for almost a century. It is one of the best offline channels you still find in homes.

The second most effective offline media is the Radio device. Next time you hear commercial ads on the radio, try to visualize how digital marketing can engage with people who listen, what call to action could you provide?


The online digital marketing is divided into the two groups. One is the content based marketing where you need to produce engaging content to attract more users to your business and another is the paid marketing where you can choose the paid marketing platform and pour the money to drive visitors. Both are effective ways to generate leads for your business. In the content based digital marketing, you have to put more efforts to drive visitors. The content quality and the execution speed determine how it will perform in driving visitors. The search engine optimization, social media marketing are some of the techniques you can use to drive users.

Email marketing can prove a vital tool for engagement at a low cost point. Communicating with your database via an ESP like Mailchimp or a CRM like Hubspot requires careful planning and creative, however the return in open rates and content consumption if valuable will drive your bussiness to reaching its goals. We recommend never to purchase databases from third parties and always follow best practices from the industry and follow compliance where applicable. Email marketing is a very powerful tool because it is used by such a wide audience, if done correctly will a powerful tool for your business. Strategies Digital Marketing DubaiOnline marketing is by far a more cost effective option than offline marketing. Also, digital marketing helps you to collect analytical data which allows you to see how your marketing campaign has performed during its promotional period. It gives you future insights and you can plan future marketing campaigns accordingly. You have full control over your online digital marketing camapaigns, using analytics tools to view, optimize and analyse your results you can make data driven decisions to scale sales from previous results. For example if you learn that for each dirham you invest in digital marketing your return is three dirhams, then your return of investment will be 3 to 1. Why is this important? Calculating the ROI will quickly understand what is working in your business and what isn’t. Having this data driven approach and full visibility of cost and campaign metrics gives the chance to be successful a lot quicker and being in profit. In addition, online digital marketing is easy to execute and doesn't require much effort to set up and run the ads. It is one of the marketing technique that generates an instant result.


1) In-depth information, you have the opportunity to share as much information as you can through blogging or the content sharing. There is no limit on how much information your digital marketing campaigns. If you are willing to put together a detailed story or narrative, then use your blog or online content sharing sites to market your product or business information. You can add content, images, videos or any other marketing medium to engage your audiences.

2) Giveaways: This is another technique marketers use to attract users to the new businesses. The free give away of your product increases brand awareness as well as giving the users opportunities to try the new product for the first time. If your product is market leading compared to your competitors then your customers will stay with your company for a very long period.

Digital marketing provides great scope when it comes to marketing your business. Without having control over you digital marketing, selling your product in your market becomes difficult for your business to strive. Digital marketing provides the opportunity to businesses of all sizes to reach their customers and become the industry leaders and stay relevant.