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One of the problems facing conventional agencies is that they are still not well versed in digital knowledge and that they should adapt their structures and way of thinking to the needs of digital campaigns. It is hard for the them to adapt because their structures were built to deal with different problem solving and to operate in a specific manner, which is now embedded in their DNA. Learning new ways of operating and thinking will mean that they will have to change their essence, change that DNA that identifies them, and re-invent themselves. Furthermore, the enormous size of their structures, with multiple employees and branches, means that they are less flexible, and that change will require time. Many traditional agencies have tried to overcome this problem by benefitting from the small digital agencies “know-how” either by acquiring them or by assigning their digital campaigns to them. But has this been enough?

Traditional ad agency sales pitches promise you the world, hiding the fact that they are not capable of providing true digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social marketing, efficient website and development, an adequate CRM strategy or the ever more critical content and UX strategy now necessary for any brand to truly succeed online. Every element of your brand’s Marketing needs to be built for digital in one way or another in today’s segmented digital world, acting in a cohesive and synergetic way as a whole and most traditional agencies struggle to offer those services.

A smaller digital marketing company, on the other hand, will already be an expert in their field. Their DNA, their identity and structure was built around Digital Marketing, they live and breathe it and will be able to cater in a more efficient ways to your digital needs. Great ideas are needed, but a great Digital Marketing Strategy is key to spreading those ideas and make them stand out in an overcrowded sea of ideas. Being smaller also means they are flexible and can adapt to the client’ s need rapidly. The digital firm will use of tools like web analytics to observe and analyze the behavior of customers, they will also create, monitor and rapidly modify the advertisement campaigns that are launched online, based on the data collected on their demographics and on the campaign’s performance. They are able to recognize and target various regions along with different demographic groups with different versions of the same ad. Every ad and every placement of the ad is evaluated with the specific goal of locating the most relevant blend of ad, placement and the customers profile and interests.

The rise of programmatic advertising and inbound marketing means that the ads will serve the client by providing them content related to what they need or are interested in, when they most want it and need it, by offering helpful and relevant content at every stage of their buying journey in a mix of all the digital channels used by your customer: blogs, Social Media, search engines, email. It helps you not only to spend money in the right target and attract the right people to your site, but also to build trust and credibility in your business by assisting your customers in finding solutions to their problems. Furthermore, Marketing automation allows you to automate your engagement with potential and existing customers, while letting your team focus on creating original and relevant content and increasing product sales. In short, it increases productivity and lead generation, helping your business grow.

Additionally, local digital agencies in Dubai will not only be well versed in all things digital, but will also have extensive knowledge of the particularities of the local market, its people and which channels performs better in it. This is vital when generating relevant creative content and identifying the most efficient channels to talk to your audiences. For instance, one of the main trends in Dubai is the massive increase of the dependence of mobile advertisement and the continuous rise of Social Media Advertising through platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.

In conclusion, Marketing in Dubai is moving away from traditional Marketing and towards Digital. Now that automation has now allowed the Digital agencies in Dubai to also focus on content creation and the creativity and the rigidity of the traditional agencies has made is hard for them to adapt to the new Marketing trends, many local companies have now realized that the best way forward is to turn towards a an agile specialist firm.