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With 2020 now in full swing, we’ve put together our 7 top digital marketing trends to give your inbound marketing strategy the help it may need.

1) Omnichannel approach – Gone are the days where you solely rely on one digital marketing channel to support you business’s growth. In 2019, using an omnichannel approach to your marketing activities will help you widen your audience and increase your chances of growing your business. We believe the more channels you use the better. We recommend that if you aren’t already using them, you should look at digital marketing channels such as content marketing, Pay Per Click, SEO and Social Media to put you in a strong position.

2) Voice Search Two out five adults are using voice search at least once a day, so your site should be optimized for it. Voice search is here to stay. Instead of typing, voice search uses speech recognition to quickly and easily search for the things you need. So how can you make sure that you are in the best place to support these voice searches for your business? Well, by optimizing your website for voice search. To do that it is paramount to understand how people use the new technology when conducting online searches. For instance, voice search questions are longer than text ones. People doing text searches often base them on specific keywords, avoiding the unrelated words. However, when doing voice searches, people tend to talk to the machine more naturally, and the words increase because the phrases in the search will be now complete, as they are when having a conversation. In the past your SEO strategy would be optimized for text search, but now you also need to factor in voice search. (Read this article on SEO strategy and voice search SEO from Backlinko to learn more, it's a great resource...)

You can do that by:

- Making sure you have mobile friendly responsive websites.

- As most voice searches are done via mobile. Moving your site to HTTPS - if you haven’t already- to secure your website with SSL. Google favours websites that are secured and certified, as sites that can be trusted and complies with all the rules of the good online practices.

- Work to achieve a fast loading site.

- Understand that, unlike traditional SEO, people do not search by using limited keywords, but by talking to the machine as they would talk to a human being, therefore you SEO strategy should be optimized for these new full questions.

- Create an FAQ page for your website, that provides the answers to the questions your users will enquire verbally about your industry, so you must provide the most common questions and answers related to it.

- Try and give short, concise answers to voice search questions – if you can answer a question in a sentence compared to a paragraph then do it.

- Always write simple, easy-to-read content. Always strive to create high quality content that is valuable for your target audience.

- Try and produce long form content with high level of social engagement, content people will want to share on Social Media platforms will perform better in voice searches.

- Produce long form content. The top results in a search query are usually between 2300 to 2450 words.

- Content that ranks highly in desktop search is also likely to rank higher as a voice search answer.

3) Conversion optimization for landing pages. Use top conversion rate optimization tools like Hello Bar or Hotjar. Vital to increasing the conversion rate between your site’s visitors, we highly recommend using a Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO tools that, through a deep understanding of your target group allow you to offer them what they need or want at the right time and place. In order to understand CRO you need to understand three key concepts: drivers, or what attracts visitors to your website (like goals people want to achieve or problems they need to solve); barriers or what stops visitors to convert or leave your website; and hooks or what will convince your prospects to convert. CRO tools will allow you to increase the amount of your website’s visitors that ultimately convert: whether is becoming a customer, subscribing, signing up, or any other particular goal set up by your company. Nowadays there a myriad of CRO tools, amongst them are Hello Bar and Hotjar.

- Hello Bar is a customizable bar that positions itself at the top of your site and displays messages, links or data from your RSS feed. It allows you to reach your visitors with the right message at the right time. It is a great tool for attracting new customers, when displaying information that customers are likely to click on. It is also extremely useful to display CTAs to increase your database, help drive traffic to specific pages, promote new products and launches or new relevant blog entries, highlight achievements or promotions that might specifically interest your visitors. In addition, the tool can be easily integrated with other key digital marketing tools like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or Aweber.

- Another great tool is Hotjar, which calls itself “ all-in-one analytics and feedback” tool whose goal is to help companies understand their visitors behaviour in their website. Its key selling point is that it combines essential analytics features with user feedback tools into their platform. Amongst its many services it provides: option to test funnels or A/B testing, heatmaps, visitor recordings, feedback polls, surveys, scroll mapping, web analytics, user testing, among other services. All in one easy-to use and affordable software.

4) Optimizing your conversion funnels, driving your visitors to covert. An optimized conversion funnel is key to your digital marketing - and business- success, as it turns simple visitors into convertors. A conversion funnel is a way to visualize the flow and conversion path of potential customers into paying customers. These visitors can be generates through a variety of Marketing tools and methods such as SEO, content marketing, Social Media, paid ads, etc. The traditional conversion funnel is shapes like an upside down pyramid: on the wider top, you will have awareness of your product, which you should them try and turn into interest in your product, which should then grow into desire and finally express itself into action or convertion, the smallest part of the funnel, because only a small part of the potential customers will actually convert.
When designing your conversion funnel you should always keep in mind what your business objectives and overall strategy is and optimize the funnel accordingly.

Key strategies are:

- Up-selling: sales strategy where you encourage the customer to buying add-ons, upgrades or more expensive products or services to increase the profit margin of the sale.

- Cross-selling: sales strategy where you lead your customers to spend more by recommending related products or services that complement what they are buying. It not only increases profit margin but also enhances the customer experience as they will be acquainted with more products that would be to their taste or useful to them.

- Down-selling: is the opposite of up-selling. It may sound counterintuitive at first sight, but it can actually be a great way to increase customer trust paint you as an honest business who is acting in their best interest, by providing solutions that actually match their expectations, needs and desires.

- Lifetime value of customers: in e-commerce, 80% of your revenue will probably derive from 20% of your customers. While the exact percentages will vary business to business, it is paramount to have a funnel designed to: predict the value a business will get from their entire relationship with a customer; work towards increasing their lifetime value by personalizing the experience to their needs and preferences, and to identify those customers that will actually offer more value to the business in the long run and plan all marketing communications accordingly to build a relationship with those “All-Star” customers.

- Churn rate or rate of attrition. Is the percentage of subscribers of customers who discontinue their relationship with the supplier within a given time period. It is closely related to the customer’s lifetime value. For a company to grow, the number of new customers should always exceed its churn rate. The churn rate is also a key determinant to assess how the business’ offering is received by its customer base and works a as a key indicator to better understand customer life cycle, satisfaction, preferences -example cheaper or premium products, offers, etc. It can be minimize by creating barriers that discourage customers to change suppliers like: contractual binding periods, unique business models, excellent customer service or overall customer experience, proprietary technology, and value-added services or products.

5) Have a strong Content Marketing Strategy web design company in Dubai Every successful marketing strategy must provide the consumers what they want, when and how they want it. In order to to this all marketers should have a deep understanding of their business and target market in order to provide valuable, consistent and relevant content, in the most appropriate format -whether it be written article, Social Media, video, digital or traditional advertising, etc. New and original content that appeals to your customer base is key to building your brand and its relationships with its customer base and in turning potential customers into actual customers. In a world where we are bombarded by content and customers are well aware of the nature of advertising, having a good content strategy will help you stand out from the competition, build trust and generate a positive image of your business. The key words are value and relevance, you know that your content is good if people want to consume it and seek it, rather than feeling that it's being imposed on them and wanting to avoid it. A successful content marketing strategy will adapt their content to fit the right mix of marketing tools like social media, digital advertising, blogs, videos, 3D content, podcasts, etc.

6) Video content. Video Marketing was identified by Forbes Magazine as the Future of content marketing in the new mobile digital landscape. That is why it is paramount to provide cutting-edge content formats, that provide impact, value, relevance and flexibility the consumers need or want such a video. Latest studies in the subject conclude that video is the best way to have visitors share and interact with your content. Videos are processed 60k times faster than text and humans -and especially the younger generations- are hardwired to avoid demanding cognitive effort, and are in general more likely to choose information that is easier to process. People are 39% more likely to share videos, 36% more likely to comment and 56% more likely to like your content when its on video format. The video experience will likely become even more prominent and impactful as the new 3D technologies become mainstream, video content is a powerhorse that is here to stay and ready to take content marketing over by storm. That being said, I must highlight that this doesn’t mean that you should avoid writing altogether. Reading and watching videos involve two different cognitive processes, when reading the brain gets a much better workout; it is not an automatic process but requires more attention, time and an active cognitive effort for the reader to process them and create thoughts about that content. It is paramount for your content strategy success that you create the mix of video and written content that is better suited for your business and audience.

7) Podcasts. Podcasts are currently experiencing an all time popularity boom especially together with digital marketing. Their success is related to the aforementioned rise of mobile and decline of reading, but it is mainly the amazing benefits of the format that have made it the rising star it is today: podcasts require minimal investment and are a very easy and quick way to generate fresh relevant content - and are therefore a very cost effective way to reach your audiences-, they allows you to reach larger audiences - by appealing to those who do not like or have time to read long articles-, they have a long shelf life- unlike live streaming-, high shareability rates, and transcribed podcasts are a great and simple source of written content. Just like any content marketing strategy it is important to be unique, provide relevant insights and information, be consistent in content and timing, integrate the podcast with other mediums.

Miel Media is a web design company in Dubai that specilaizes inbound digital marketing. We’d love to hear your feedback. Do you have anything to say on the above points? If so, leave a comment below.