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It's crucial to stress how important relevant content is. A little research will show that the leading firms in your industry often have very engaging content which highlights topical news, industry insights and useful conversations. Average content is not enough.

For example in the digital marketing industry, just visit the Econsultancy blog where the latest content include blogs about How to get started with design thinking, Facebook to demote content from oversharers in News Feed: What you need to know, and How automation came to be more important than cost when choosing an ESP.

The above are trending topics of interest about, oversharing on Facebook, automation and design concepts. If you create engaging top quality content that stands out in your niche, Google will be far more likely to index your content on search engine result pages, which will then lead to higher web traffic to your site and higher enquires to your business.


One of the key strategies, along with great content, is to increase your search engine optimization results (SERP'S) using quality backlinks, having top quality backlinks from websites gives the opportunity for your site to rank better in time. It's important to highlight once again that you should aim to use quality backlinks from blogs that are in your niche, rather than obscure sites that have good traffic but not related to your industry. We recommend using Moz and their Moz Bar chrome plugin and SEM Rush to identify these backlink sites, which will help you find the high domain and page authority webpages, showing the opportunities to grab your competitor's backlinks from.


A third great method in driving more traffic to your site, is guest contribution on blogs. This is really an effective way to promote your website and services that share similar interests to yours. Again we would highlight creating great content without taking poor copy short cuts.


Focusing on long-tail keywords for SEO purposes can be a quicker method to index more swiftly on SERP'S. Doing relevant keyword research with the tools mentioned in point number two can provide you with opportunities to rank on less competitive keywords. You also have this infomation available from Miel Media's SEO Dashboard, pictured below.


Participating in Facebook and Google Plus groups allows you to have organic conversations directly, comment and ask pertinent questions plus opinions on your products and services. Interacting with people and sharing your best content creates trust and potentially defines you as an authority in your field.


Another key digital marketing strategy is to listen and find out what is trending in your industry. Writing about these trends can position your business at the forefront of organic conversation at a topical time. This can result in your content indexing higher in SERP'S because there is less competition. We suggest using Google Trends to find topics that people are discussing in real time. For example if there is a new development or technology in your industry you can talk about that.


Using quality images is a very clear method in conveying your message. Not only are images a perfect way to illustrate this, they offer a great opportunity to get backlinks. If your image is unique, others will want to link to your site, share with their followers and link to your website as the trusted source.


Creating infographics (please see ours at the end of this piece), are an informative way and popular route to offer value to you audience. This again, is great tool to generate quality backlinks and drive meaningful traffic to your site.


Building quality backlinks is a vital Digital Marketing activity to increase your SERP'S. To get more organic traffic to improve your SEO, create quality backlinks from top domain authority sites in your industry. If your website has lots of quality backlinks from top sites, the chances are that your site will start to rank organically far quicker dominating SERP's for your services and products.


Make your headlines attractive is our advice. Try to write your headlines with SEO in mind, remembering the headlione must also be appealing to your audience. This will in effect improve your click thriugh rate (CTR) on search engines and social media.

See some examples below:

- Try using numbers: 5 tools you should use to master social media.

- Use appealing adjectives: Essential, Appealing, Critical, Huge/big or Smart.

- Apply keywords: Utilize your businesses keywords where applicable.

- Use formulas: The secret to... How to... What you need to know about...